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The Best of 2004
Is there any doubt that Kanye West would dominate hip-hop's postseason in 2004? We're not talking about the 10 Grammy nominations. It's time for The 411 Online's 10th anniversary edition of the "Best of," and no one did it better in 2004 than Kanye West. From production to lyrics to high concepts, his debut, The College Dropout, was everything that hip-hop fans eagerly anticipated coming into the year, and for that Kanye finishes off 2004 as the big winner. Below are The 411 Online's picks for "The Best of 2004."

Best album
KANYE WEST, The College Dropout

Best single
Mason Storm: JAY-Z, "99 Problems"
Cvere: FAT JOE & TERROR SQUAD, "Lean Back"

Best remix
Mason Storm: JAY-Z, THE BEATLES & DJ DANGER MOUSE, The Grey Album
Cvere: JAY-Z & KEVIN BROWN, The Brown Album

Best video
Mason Storm: JAY-Z, "99 Problems"
Cvere: SNOOP DOGG & PHARRELL, "Drop It Like It's Hot"

Best lyric
Mason Storm: LUDACRIS, on Usher's "Yeah"
Cvere: CAM'RON, on Jim Jones' "Certified Gangsta"

Most underrated album
Mason Storm: SHOCK G, Fear of a Mixed Planet
Cvere: THE ROOTS, Tipping Point

Best producer
Mason Storm: KANYE WEST

Best new artist
Mason Storm: KANYE WEST

Best hip-hop/R&B collaboration
Mason Storm: KANYE WEST, TWISTA & JAMIE FOXX, "Slow Jamz"
Cvere: T.I., LIL' WAYNE & DESTINY'S CHILD, "Soldier"

Best comeback
Mason Storm: STACY DASH, in Kanye West's "All Falls Down" video

Biggest sell-out
Mason Storm: BLACK EYED PEAS, for adding a singer from Kids Incorporated, putting Justin Timberlake on a track and changing the words of a song for the NBA and airplay (but, hey, it sold records)
Cvere: THE SOURCE, sued by Eminem

Bust of the year
Mason Storm: JANET JACKSON, at Super Bowl XXXVIII
Cvere: MOS DEF, New Danger

Artist of the year

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