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2000 interview with Warren G

Since arriving on the scene in 1992 as part of the creative genius behind Dr. Dre's The Chronic, Warren G has established himself as one of the most proficient and consistent producers in hip-hop. Both behind the boards and in front of the mic, Warren has shined on four albums now, but the superstardom he was on the brink of with 1994's "Regulate" seems to have escaped him. Enter The Return of the Regulator, his first offering on his new label, Universal. Warren hopes that being part of a bigger family will help expose his underrated talents to the masses. The owner of one triple-platinum plaque and two golds spoke to The 411 Online about that and numerous other topics, including his reunion with an old friend, his collaboration with a legend and the story of the moment -- Kurupt's return to Tha Row.

Tell us a little about your new album.

"Well, it's The Return of the Regulator, as you know. I got all my people that I love on there with me. You know, George Clinton, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Butch Cassidy, Kokane, W.C., Mista Grimm. You know, just a lot of people that I've been successful with. It's off the hook."

So what's up with the Mista Grimm reunion? We hadn't heard from him in a minute.

"Mista Grimm is very talented. I went back out and got him. I hate to see talent wasted. The people that he was dealing with before just wasted his time, so I just went and got him. Hopefully, I can make him a superstar."

What was it like working with George Clinton?

"Oh, it was amazing. It was incredible. He's a great teacher. He's a great producer. And a great singer. And artist. And talker. I had a lovely time working with him, man. It was a great experience and he certified g-funk as a part of the p-funk. So the 'Funkalicious' tour is getting ready to take off."

When will that be?

"At the end of February."

So you're on a new label, Universal. What are you looking for out of this latest switch?

"A bigger machine, you know, that's going to reach the fan base that I have. Somebody to be a family. Not just as an artist, but I want to be a family with 'em and really be successful together. So that's what I'm expecting and looking for from my marriage with Universal Records."

Was it your idea to have the album cover for The Return of the Regulator look so similar to your debut album's cover?

"Actually, that had a lot to do with Kevin Law, my A&R at Universal. He was just like, 'Why don't you come back as the Regulator?' You know, it's not negative to return when you've had success where you were at before."

Last time we spoke, you were just starting to get into the acting career. Do you have more of those projects in the works?

"Yeah, I'm working on a lot of stuff, man. I'm trying to find the right role for me so I can take that on and try to be as successful in that field as I am in the music business. I want to accomplish the same goals -- even though I haven't accomplished my major goals yet as an artist and as a producer in the record industry. Whatever level I can get to in the music, I want to get that same level in acting, and that's to the top. That's where I'm trying to get to -- the top."

What are some of those goals that you're still trying to accomplish as an artist and a producer?

"My goal is to sell a lot of records. You know, reach my people. I'm trying to hit diamond. Also, as a producer I want to be looked at as one of the greatest. Even though a lot of people think I am one of the greatest -- I ain't just bragging -- I want to be one of the greatest officially, not just on the underground."

What artists are you doing production for right now?

"I've got an artist by the name of Joonie out of Seattle. That's a pit bull right there. I'm signing him to my production company. The paperwork is done. He's incredible. 19 years old and plays his own instruments. He writes, produces -- he's incredible. I'm working on that right now, blowing that up."

One of the big stories that came out over the past week or so is Kurupt getting back with Death Row. One of the things that Angie Martinez asked him on Hot 97 was what he thought Snoop and Daz and your reaction was going to be to the news. Any thoughts on that?

"My reaction is, hey, he's a grown man. Whatever decision he made is the decision he made. I can't say that I hate him because of what he did. I can't say I hate him, because he's still the guy that I know and I got love for. He just happened to make his decision on what he wanted to do. If he felt that that was in his best interests, then hey, do your thing, you know? I'm not gonna say, 'Well f--- you and I ain't gonna say hi' or anything like that. I still got love for him. It's business."

You mentioned a tour coming up...

"I've got a tour that's gonna take off at the end of February -- 26 or 27 shows I think. We're supposed to be doing it with Fat Joe as far as I know, so that should be interesting. We're gonna rock the house. Me and Fat Joe, I'm with that. I like Fat Joe anyway, he's a cool guy."

Anything else that you wanted to get out there to the people?

"Go out there and get that Warren G album. It's off the hook. The Return of the Regulator. It's tight, you know, and I want everybody to go out there and support it and get that. Much love to you for interviewing me. Much love to the people who read this. I wish you much success in what you do as well as everybody else around you."

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-- J Rough, The 411 Online

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