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REMY MA, There's Something About Remy, Universal
It's about time that a female step up and remind the hip-hop world that you don't need a d--- to work a mic. Remy Ma stacks up against the likes of Lil' Kim, Trina, Foxy and the Queen. Let's face it, women in the business have gone from hip-hop to pop and I am not about to jump on the Mariah bandwagon. Remy shows respect for her mentor, Big Pun, by releasing her debut album on the six-year anniversary of his death and doesn't pull a Puffy. Diddy played out the remix tribute with Biggie, so it was fresh to hear a true duet with Pun on "Thug Luv," recorded in 2000. Remy gets real in "What's Going On" as she speaks to her female audience about the realities of abortion. Remy looks out for the ladies with some advice in her witty skit, "Conceited Messages." She calls you all out about the crazy sh-- you all do to keep a f----- up man and hate on everyone else when he plays you. Remy lets us know she struggled to put out this record on the last track, entitled "Still." Remy admits she has been stressed while focusing on this album, but doesn't apologize for her work; she knows this sh-- is good. A message to Remy: You have a reason to be "Conceited."
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-- Mary Jane

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