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DOGG POUND, Cali Iz Active, Koch
The Chronic class of 1992 gets together for a 14-year reunion, and it's a welcome gathering. In addition to Kurupt and Daz, Snoop Dogg has been added to the featured Dogg Pound members on this album's cover and its tracks, but it's the return of the Lady of Rage, RBX and Nate Dogg to the credits that makes this a treat. Dr. Dre's invitation must have been lost in the mail, but Ice Cube steps in on "It's All Hood." The title track and first single, "Cali Iz Active," is a bonafide West Coast anthem. Had they kept the whole album at that track's level, they'd have a classic on their hands. As it is they did OK. The production flows nicely throughout, and Daz and Kurupt's chemistry has not waned over the years. Both give the effort and performance you'd expect; the inclusion of Snoop is just a bonus. The one major drawback is "It's Craccin All Night" featuring none other than Diddy. I'm all for hip-hop unity, but there's a better way to go about breaking bread with Bad Boy than putting Puffy on a track. Lil' Kim was in jail, but was Craig Mack unavailable? The Lox? Lil' Cease? They don't have to hate Mr. Combs, but the DPG could have let him recycle a beat and get a production credit -- just keep him away from the mic. Make moves with anyone but Puff. Other than that, Cali is not only active, but a worthwhile addition to your collection.
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-- Mason Storm

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