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THE GAME, Doctor's Advocate, Geffen
"What the f--- am I without a Dr. Dre track?" The Game gets to find out on his sophomore disc, because not one cut is produced by the man who gave his debut the Midas touch. The answer? Well, for starters, he's an artist with an album out. We all know how Dre takes his time, so if he had been behind the boards for this disc, there's no way it'd be in stores right now. But the downside is that it really isn't close to being up to par with The Documentary. Kanye West and Just Blaze do their part, but there's still a void that just doesn't get filled. And lyrically, Game talks loud about how great he is without really saying anything. He offers no evidence that he's on par with current East Coast MCs Jay-Z and Nas or past West Coast greats N.W.A and 2Pac, but he insists he is. And as long as we're knocking him -- why is his second album cover the exact same as his last one? One picture of a shirtless Game sitting on tires wasn't enough? Now before this gets out of hand, we'll mention that The Game was one of The 411 Online's rookies of the year last season. But he suffers without his mentor. Dre's gone but not forgotten. Game drops his name all over the album, to the point that it almost sounds like he's making excuses before the verdict is even in. Based on how reluctant he sounds at times, don't be surprised if Game and Dre plan a reunion album, The Makeup Sex, for next year. Just don't expect it to actually come out then.
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-- Mason Storm

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