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BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY, E. 1999 Eternal, Ruthless/Relativity
About a year and a few months ago, Bone crept out of Cleveland and onto the rap scene. An Eazy-E protege, the thuggish-ruggish crew brought forth an EP with five exceptional tracks. This EP did very well, but as a lot of new school artists struggle with their sophomore projects, I suspected Bone's full-fledged album might not amount to the Thuggish-Ruggish Bone EP. I was definitely wrong. I was so wrong that I almost believe that this new Bone release not only ranks at the top of 1995 releases, but also is up there on the all-time hip-hop list. Bone has an original hip-hop sound of their own. The sing-along twang they put in to spit lyrics is very distinct and a part of every song, so either you love their style or you hate it. I enjoy listening to the album in full without fast-forwarding at all. All of the tracks are tight, but a few jump to the other level, the level that some artists try to reach their whole career. "Eternal" has very tight production with some very rhythmic synthesized background that keeps the head bobbin'. "Budsmokers Only" is surely just for that. "1st of the Month" has a sound of its own as far as production goes. This is Bone's first single from the album and proves to be one of the best tracks. "Buddah Lovaz" is the most laid-back track and can almost alter your mind just listening to it. It's a song for the smokers, but can be so mellow, I don't recommend gettin' blunted and mobbin' to this one in the ride. It's almost a guarantee you'll fall asleep at the wheel and eat a guardrail for supper, which would probably take your high away. "Mo Murda" is a hardcore track worth listening to over and over again, so if you buy the CD, make sure you hit repeat mode for this one. Bone will be and already is real successful with this one. If you like the original style and the lyrics chanted out with Bone's own oddness, I advise you to buy this album. You'll be able to listen to it straight up. Another big plus is that it is 17 tracks strong, which is not found very often nowadays. I think the whole album is a certified classic. I give it the big 5-0.
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-- B.J. Maniac

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