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Mariah waits for Jay-Z
Because Jay-Z was contractually obligated to restrict his video appearances, an animated version of Mariah Carey is taking his place for the first two weeks her new video, "Heartbreaker," is in rotation. In the clip, the Mariah cartoon acts out what Jigga describes in his rhyme as the main characters of the video watch in a movie theater. Jay-Z is under contract to appear only in the video for "Girl's Best Friend" from the "Blue Streak" soundtrack until Aug. 30, when a new version of "Heartbreaker" will start airing.

Master P makes cheap investment
The Associated Press is reporting that members of the New Orleans police department are coming under fire for selling Master P several bulletbroof vests at a discount rate two years ago. The report said P bought 10 vests from two men who resold them after buying the body armor with a police discount, an act which is not illegal, but has stirred up controversy anyway. Reserve officer Lloyd Alphonso, who was not with the department at the time of the sale, has been fired. Full-time officer Wiley Wood IV is under review for possible disciplinary action, the report said. The police discount cut the price of each vest, bought in 1997, from $850 to $460. Some of the savings were passed on to Master P, but Alphonso and Wood allegedly split a $2,000 profit. The situation came to light after Master Pís younger brother, C-Murder, was stopped for speeding and was found with a concealed weapon while wearing one of the vests. It is not illegal to buy or wear body armor in Louisiana, but it is illegal to carry a firearm while wearing one. He pleaded guilty to illegally carrying a firearm and was fined $500.

Luke cleared in assault
Luther Campbell has been cleared of all felony assault charges related to an incident at a night club in which Luke allegedly hit a man in the head with a bottle of liquor. The court ruled that there was not enough evidence to prove Campbell guilty. Club Zen employees testified that the victim could not have been hit in the face with a Jack Daniels bottle because they didnít serve Jack that night. Friends and associates of Campbell also testified that he did not strike anyone.

JD enters the arena
According to MTV, Jermaine Dupri has joined the ranks of Master P and opened his own sports management company called So So Def Sports Management. The company is a joint venture between Premier Sports Management owner Hadley Engelhard and Dupriís So So Def Records. Green Bay Packers Pro Bowl running back Dorsey Levens, Indianapolis Colts cornerback Tyrone Poole and Pittsburgh Steelers safety Lethon Flowers are among the new agencyís clients. "I got into this business because I understand that athletes need and want to shine just like the rappers do in the music business," JD told MTV News. "Iíve been managing careers successfully for over 10 years. I know how to make superstars."

ODB checks into rehab
EUR reports that according to Sherry Hunter, spokesperson for the Queens District Attorneyís office, ODB is currently receiving treatment at the Arms Acres rehabilitation facility in Carmel, N.Y. The rapper was due in Queens Criminal Court to answer possession of crack cocaine charges. The case has now been continued until Sept. 8. Police allegedly found ODB in possession of crack cocaine and marijuana as well as a suspended driverís license after pulling him over for running a red light on July 31. A Los Angeles criminal court issued a bench warrant for ODBís arrest last week after he failed to appear in court to answer to charges relating to his February arrest for wearing body armor. The judge also took away his bail privileges, so that the next time heís arrested he will be kept in jail until the next scheduled hearing.

Lawyer: Clear Sugeís name
An attorney for Suge Knight is claiming that Los Angeles detectives have no evidence linking the Death Row Records CEO to the slaying of Notorious B.I.G. and have falsely identified his client as a key suspect in the case, according to the Los Angeles Times. "Mr. Knight was never involved in any way in the shooting of Christopher Wallace, and any information that was provided by the LAPD to the judge on the affidavit to obtain a search warrant was false," attorney Robin J. Yanes told the Times, adding that the LAPD "needs to either put up or shut up. Either come out with some evidence against Mr. Knight or clear his name." During an April search of Death Row offices, a Chevrolet Impala was confiscated that police said resembled the killerís getaway car. Knight, who is serving a 9-year prison term for an attack on two artists in a Hollywood recording studio, was in jail at the time of the 1997 murder.

Yanes confirmed that police were forced to return the items under court order after failing to uncover any evidence. "Do you think the police would have ever returned Mr. Knightís car if there was any evidence that it had been used in the commission of the crime?" Yanes said in the interview. "Not a chance. The fact is that vehicle would be peopleís exhibit A in court if they had any real intention of prosecuting Mr. Knight."

Yanes said the accusations and the subsequent move to a higher security prison has taken its toll on Knight. "Donít just leave him hanging and living under the stigma of these false allegations," he pleaded. "Itís wrong to do that to a person. And itís had a dramatic impact on Mr. Knightís life."

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