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The Best of 2005
Although Common is pictured, there was no consensus pick for album of the year. Four writers responded, four albums were picked. But that's the beauty of The 411 Online's "Best of 2005." Our writers have different tastes, just like our readers. Sometimes we all agree on the best of the year, but often we don't. Last year, Kanye West ruled. This year, many thought a repeat was guaranteed, but Late Registration was just one of the four choices for best album. His Chicago counterpart, Common, earned a selection for Be, T.I. kept the south on the map with Urban Legend and Blackalicious earned a vote for The Craft. The picks for best artist, lyric, video and others were just as varied, making for a lot of honorees. Click here for The 411 Online's picks for "The Best of 2005"

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