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Eminem divorces wife for second time
Eminem and high-school-sweetheart-turned-lyrical-target Kim Mathers divorced for a second time Tuesday, less than a year after they remarried. Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, and Kim agreed to a private settlement that divides their property and calls for the couple to share custody of their 10-year-old daughter, Hailie Jade Scott. The couple "conducted themselves with dignity and respect," Circuit Judge Antonio P. Viviano told the Associated Press. "All in all, they are a very fine couple to deal with." Eminem, 34, and Kim, 31, both declined to comment after the hearing, but they told the judge that they understood the divorce was final. Eminem and Mathers remarried Jan. 14. He filed for divorce April 5. They first married in 1999 in a secret ceremony in Missouri, and divorced in 2001. During a tumultuous relationship he often referred to on wax, Eminem has filed for divorce before because of Kim's attempted suicide, only to reconcile later after Kim sued him and the couple settled. Eminem has won nine Grammy Awards, including best rap album, for The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show. He won an Oscar for the song "Lose Yourself" from "8 Mile," the semi-autobiographical 2002 film in which he starred.

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