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Busta has weapons charge added to case
Busta Rhymes had a weapons charge added Monday to his case involving an alleged spat with a fan in August. Busta already is accused of attacking a man that allegedly spit on his car, but the new misdemeanor is for a machete found in a seat pocket of the SUV when cops searched his car during the investigation into the beating. Prosecutors are seeking a plea deal that would send Busta, who they call "a violent predicate felon," to prison for six months on the misdemeanor assault charges, but so far that offer has been rejected by the MC. Busta's lawyers have contended that this case is "payback" for their client's refusal to discuss the February shooting death of one of his bodyguards with the New York Police Department. Last month, Busta was cited for driving while talking on his cell phone.

-- The 411 Online

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