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Snoop thought he 'would have to kill' Suge
Snoop Dogg, who has had his share of legal troubles lately, has some good news to pair with his No. 5 debut on the Billboard 200 albums chart: the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Snoop shares touching stories about teaching kids football and looking up to "brother figure" Tookie Williams. But the interview takes a dark turn when the subject of Suge Knight comes up. "[Knight] threatened my life when he was in jail," Snoop told Rolling Stone. "N----- tried to get at me at concerts. They put my address on a tape. He was gonna give a n---- a Benz if a n---- cut my hair. All kinda f------ with me. I had to let him know I didn't give a f--- about none of that fake-ass power s--- you was supposed to be on, and all this money and all these Bloods you hidin' behind. I felt like challenging him would either expose his whole card or I would have to kill the n----. And I was ready to do it. That's where I was with it. So when he got out of jail, I'm f------ with him." Snoop said the tide turned when he confronted him at the BET Awards in 2002. "He was more scared than a motherf-----," Snoop said in the interview. "That was the scenario when n----- knew the balance had shifted. That's when everybody felt like the floodgates was open on Suge. Snoop dissed him in public, and he didn't do nothing." Snoop credits Bishop Don Magic Juan for getting him to end the dispute.

-- The 411 Online

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