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JD loved Janet Jackson's 'extra stuff'
The extra 60 pounds Janet Jackson put on for a film role that never materialized didn't bother Jermaine Dupri. Janet told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show Friday that "he loved it." Janet has since lost the weight and posed in next to nothing for magazines like FHM and US Weekly. "He likes my true self," Jackson added. "It's unconditional love there, so he was always grabbing my extra stuff and looking into my eyes and telling me that he loves me and it needs love too, and then he'd kiss me and smile at me." When DeGeneres called that "adorable," Janet responded, "It really was. And I never had that before in a relationship." Later, DeGeneres asked if marraige was in the couple's future, Jackson said, "If that's what he wants to do." So Ellen promptly called JD on his cell phone and asked him if he wanted to. "Yeah, of course," he answered. In the past, Janet wasn't even sure if the two were engaged. In July, Janet told a radio station she didn't know if they were, but that they had mentioned Sept. 26 as a possible wedding date. That apparently fell through, perhaps because of the distractions in JD's professional life that led him to leave Virgin Records in October.

-- The 411 Online

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