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Judge threatens Foxy Brown with jail time
Foxy Brown will be arrested and thrown in jail if the 27-year-old MC misses her sentencing on assault charges, a judge said Monday. Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, failed to appear in Criminal Court on Monday. Her attorney, Frank Rothman, said Brown was recovering at home from a dental procedure. "I don't take this kindly," said Judge Melissa C. Jackson. "I don't believe she is incapable of being here." Jackson rejected a motion by Foxy to withdraw her guilty plea and said the sentencing would be held Tuesday. The judge said that if Brown failed to show up, a plea deal sparing her jail time would be voided and she would be sentenced to a year behind bars. Rothman said Brown would appear. "She's showing no disrespect," he told the judge. Brown, whose albums include Ill Na Na, Chyna Doll and Broken Silence, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault charges in August stemming from a fight with salon workers over a manicure. Prosecutors said Foxy, known for her raunchy lyrics and revealing clothes, kicked one employee and smacked a second in the face in 2004 in an argument over payment for a manicure. Brown claimed she had made her plea-deal decision under duress. "I find her plea was entered voluntarily," the judge said. The deal would require Brown to serve three years' probation and take anger management classes. Busta Rhymes also is due in court Tuesday to face a third-degree assault charge stemming from an incident earlier this month in which he was accused of attacking a man that allegedly spit on his car.

-- The Associated Press

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