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React: Is Jay-Z's comeback a good idea?

Bud man Jay-Z questioned comeback
The marketing push for Jay-Z's comeback album is on in full force. The Public Enemy-inspired first single, "Show Me What You Got," is everywhere, the video featuring Danica Patrick racing Jay and Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been morphed into a Budweiser Select commercial, and his headless HP commercial is still in rotation alongside Pharrell's. But it almost didn't happen. "I spent about a week, maybe two weeks in the studio. I wouldn't do anything," Jay told MTV about Kingdom Come. "I was just feeling it out. Then I said, 'Well maybe I'm not gonna do this.' One week later, I had about six songs. I was like, 'OK, it's on now.' Nothing felt rushed, nothing felt forced. Each song was coming out more amazing than the last song. It was so easy. I just had a flood of ideas. I'm used to putting out albums every eight months, and I had a flood of material. I was like, 'It's time.'" Now, about that Bud Select commercial. In classic Jay-Z fashion, he didn't just sign on as a product endorser for the money. No, Anheuser-Busch has hired Jay as its new co-brand director for that particular beer. "He's got great appeal," Marlene Coulis, the company's vice president of brand management, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, adding that Jay-Z's entrepreneurial expertise can help Anheuser-Busch "reach people in groundbreaking ways." But not everyone is a fan, even if it seems that way. Jay-Z also is the latest target of The Game's disrespect, although he claims otherwise. "As far as my release date, Nov. 14, and Jay dropping on the 21st, he should move his album away. Like Jay is a legend, we all love Jay and respect Jay but it's that out-of-retirement album," Game told SOHH. "Are we gonna get the old Michael Jordan back or are we gonna get that Mike that played for the Wizards? So everyone is gonna wait to see what he's gonna do -- but I know what I got." What he's got is The Doctor's Advocate dropping a week earlier and a resume that includes an appearance on the dating game "Change of Heart." Beyond that, who knows?

-- The 411 Online

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