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React: How do you remember 2Pac?

10 years without 2Pac
Ten years ago, on Sept. 13, 1996, 2Pac died in Las Vegas, six days after being shot three times in a drive-by shooting while riding in the passenger seat of a car driven by Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight. An air of disbelief still surrounds his death -- maybe because he had been shot five times in an earlier incident and lived, or maybe because early reports said he would pull through, or maybe because the eerie coincidences and fulfilled prophecies that lace the seemingly endless posthumous albums of the self-proclaimed "Makaveli" suggest he could have faked his own death. But it seems clear now that it was just wishful thinking that he's still alive. And as time goes on, reality sets in, and you realize that 2Pac truly is gone, and that the void he left will never be filled. So pour out a little liquor and join a couple of your favorite MCs in a moment of silence as they pay their respects. "His messages were really strong and heartfelt, and he was a real person. He could go from saying 'Keep your head up' to using the word b---- in the next song," Kanye West told The Associated Press. "There was no box that he was put in, and he lived and died by what he said." Big Boi also had love for Pac. "He stood for something and he really talked about life -- it wasn't just street life," the Outkast MC told the AP. "He was an intelligent guy." Finally, reminisce with Shock G in this 2002 interview.

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