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Lil' Kim to perform at VH1's Hip-Hop Honors
Lil' Kim is set to give her first post-prison performance next month at VH1's annual Hip-Hop Honors celebration, paying tribute to another female rapper, MC Lyte. "MC Lyte is at the top of the list when you talk about hip-hop pioneers," Lil' Kim said in a statement on Tuesday. "She paved the way for myself and any of today's greatest MCs. I'm honored to have the opportunity to show my respect and how she influenced me." MC Lyte, best known for hits in the 1990s like "Lyte as a Rock," "Poor Georgie" and "Ruffneck," is being honored along with Ice Cube, the Wu-Tang Clan, Afrika Bambaataa, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, Rakim, Beastie Boys and the late Eazy-E the Oct. 7 New York show. It will air on VH1 on Oct. 17. Among the stars of today who will pay homage to rap pioneers: Ludacris, Outkast, Diddy, Da Brat, Fat Joe and Lil' Jon. Lil' Kim is expected to perform "Lyte as a Rock." Her performance will be the latest in a flurry of public appearances since she served 10 months in jail on a federal perjury charge. Last month, she poked fun at her incarceration by wearing an orange jumpsuit at the MTV Video Music Awards, and celebrated afterward with an all-star party; lately, she has appeared on the red carpet at several events. The rapper was convicted in 2005 for lying to a federal grand jury and in the subsequent trial about a gun battle in 2001 that erupted outside WQHT-FM, known as Hot 97. She was released from a federal detention center in Philadelphia on July 3, then spent 30 days on house arrest at her home in Alpine, N.J.

-- The Associated Press

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