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React: Do you think Lil' Kim stole the song?

Lil' Kim sued by reggae singer
A reggae singer claims Lil` Kim copied one of her songs without permission and is suing the MC in a New York federal court. According to the New York Post, Tanya Stephens alleges that Kim illegally used portions of her 1997 track, "Mi and Mi God," on a cut off of her 2005 album The Naked Truth called "Durty." Stephens claims that there are many similarites in the lyrics of the two songs and is seeking ownership of Kim's track as well as all royalties. Meanwhile, Kim is working behind the scenes to get out of her record deal with Atlantic Records. Lil' Kim has not been seen since her release from federal prison in July, leading to speculation that she has gone under the knife for more plastic surgery.

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