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React: Is the NYPD out to get Busta Rhymes?

Busta Rhymes arrested -- is it NYPD payback?
Busta Rhymes was arraigned Sunday on a third-degree assault charge stemming from an incident earlier this month in which he was accused of attacking a man that allegedly spit on his car. Busta's lawyer thinks his client's refusal to discuss the February shooting death of one of his bodyguards made the minor incident into a bigger hassle. "This is payback by the NYPD," Scott Leemon said, adding that normally the charge warrants only a desk appearance ticket. Police, who arrested Rhymes on Saturday after he performed at the a festival on Randalls Island, wanted to interview Busta since bodyguard Israel Ramirez was killed outside a Brooklyn studio. Busta was released on his own recognizance and is due back in court Oct. 24.

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