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React: Will Wu-Tang ever be the same?

Raekwon the key to Wu-Tang Clan comeback
Raekwon is being looked upon to save the Wu-Tang Clan, but to hear him tell it, the situation is not so dire. "We hear the stories, we look at the Internet. A lot of people say that Wu-Tang is finished," Raekwon told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. "People's opinions is their opinions. So I guess when you get the new music, you should weigh and judge it for yourself." A number of new solo releases are in the works, but none is more anticipated than Raekwon's early 2007 sequel to Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. "We're taking you back into that world," Raekwon said. Ghostface Killah, the often overlooked and underrated sidekick on that 1995 Raekwon classic, has been carrying the torch -- and the credibility -- for the Wu-Tang as a whole for quite a while as the Clan's success and unity seemed to fall apart around him. Raekwon says the group put all of that behind them on a recent reunion tour organized as a tribute to the late ODB. "We've all grown up as individuals," Raekwon said. "Brothers is wanting to do more things for theyselves, and you can't knock that when dudes got families and responsibilities of they own. We've been in the game for a long time now and at the end of the day, it's always more money, more issues. You know the saying." Another tour is under way, and Raekwon doesn't anticipate any problems. "Once we get out there on stage, all the tensions is gone," he said. "We're not letting our personal feelings supersede what we have to do as members of the crew. Let's go get that work in, let's give these fans what they want from us."

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