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House of Blunt: Kanye's always right -- just ask him
React: Was Kanye wrong to get upset?

Kanye West sounds off on Lollapalooza problems
The stage was set, but all was not well for Kanye West in his Lollapalooza homecoming performance. Sound problems plagued his entire set, which closed the Chicago festival's Saturday schedule. Between and during his assorted hit singles, West criticized the sound men and threatened jobs, claiming that the microphone malfunctions were embarrassing him in his hometown. Kanye was so upset after the show that he allegedly skipped out on the GOOD Music afterparty he was scheduled to host at the Hard Rock Hotel. Despite the setbacks, fans and critics seemed to agree that West's set was among the weekend's best. It included surprise appearances by Twista, Lupe Fiasco and Common, who gave a trademark performance with a heavy dose of Be earlier Saturday during his own moment in the Lolla spotlight. And speaking of exposure, if you think Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" is overplayed on the radio, consider that it was performed three times during Lollapalooza -- once by Cee-Lo and his team of tennis players, once by the Jack White-led Raconteurs and once briefly by West. The expanded festival was a success and promoters suggested that Chicago would remain Lollapalooza's home for years to come. React: Comment on this story...

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