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Jay-Z album by Thanksgiving?
All signs point to Jay-Z making good on his promise to "come back like Jordan." It seems Jay has enlisted the help of former collaborator Dr. Dre for an album scheduled to be released by early 2007, if not Thanksgiving this year. "Dre will e-mail Jay some new beats," a source told the New York Daily News. "Jay will e-mail him the lyrics, then Dre will e-mail him the mix." No word on whether Jay is saving the new tracks on the same HP computer featured in his recent commercial, the one that stores "vacation photos you won't see in the tabloids." As The 411 Online reported in February, Kanye West said he was producing the entire album. Things have changed since then, with Timbaland and now Dre being linked to the project. Even Jay has hinted at a return with his plans for an overseas tour and quotes like, "I go back and forth. I believe the industry as a whole needs certain events to happen to sustain it and keep it alive." That statement echoes another of his lyrics: "Can't leave rap alone, the game needs me." Can the faxed press release with a simple, Michael Jordan-esque "I'm back" be far behind? Comment on this story...

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