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Method Man album pushed back to August
If you're expecting to find Method Man's latest release at your favorite record store Tuesday, think again. Originally scheduled for a July 25 release, 4:21 ... The Day After, has been pushed back to Aug. 29. That's the bad news. The good news is Meth was inspired by collaborator Erick Sermon. "With Erick, we did three songs in three days," Meth said. "He just comes in with ideas off top. And with RZA -- I've watched him build tracks from scratch, so all I really have to do is put the pen to the paper." Sermon supplied the beat for Meth's first single, "Say," which features Lauryn Hill and addresses his critics. "I've been venting about all this for years and my manager was like, 'Write about it, Erick has the perfect joint.' And, Lauryn Hill herself, she just had the raw emotion, the small things she said on the song was enough for me to push my pen and let myself be vulnerable." That vibe lasted throughout the recording process. "I had a lot on my mind at the time and the second thing was, I decided to really talk about something and I had a lot to draw from and when the pen hit the paper it was like damn, remember this?" Meth also used anger as motivation, and the result was a renewed focus on his lyrics and a boost to his self-confidence. "It's real talk, I'm going to keep my spirits up and not let it get to me. You know, if you start reading your own press and feeding into it, and you start questioning yourself, like, 'Am I wack?' and you have to be like, 'No!' I learned to pat myself on the back, and that it's okay to pat myself on the back sometimes." Comment on this story...

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