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Method Man is mad as album nears
Method Man has had a lot of distractions since his last album dropped, but he recently told MTV that he put all that behind him and is ready to take the next step. But not before getting some things off his chest. "There were a lot of things that needed to be changed in my life and career," Meth told MTV. "Everything! I needed that moment of clarity." Meth said the title of his new album -- 4:21 ... The Day After -- symbolizes his clear state of mind. "Four-twenty [April 20] is the national weed-smoking day, according to those who chief," he said. "I basically said 4:21 because I'm the day-after dude. Plus, four [and] two [and] zero only adds up to six. 4:21 gives you that perfect seven. So this is sort of the day after, a moment of clarity, so to speak. When you're waking up from that night of partying and sh-- like that, what goes down." Meth also addressed the criticism -- from the street and critics -- he's received lately. "I hate the way mother------ was talking, like I was the worst thing to happen to MCing. And there's n----- out there doing way worst sh-- than I ever did in my life. It's like finally getting the joke and figuring out everybody is laughing at you -- 'All this time, I ain't know' -- but still having that power to strike back at 'em. Like, 'I'm gonna reverse the joke. The joke is on y'all, 'cause I get it now.'" Meth also didn't appreciate the media bringing his name into features on fellow Wu-Tang founder Ghostface. "I love Ghost, that's my n----. We all from the same area -- but I hate that they sh-- on us and big him up like that. That's a form of separation right there. Me being a man first, a man with a family, it's like, yo, if you're gonna interview my brother, interview my brother. But don't put my name in there and try to single me out while you bigging him up. I feel that's, like, a straight-out shot at me. We block n-----. We ain't Mariah Carey or 'NSYNC where a mother------ say what they want about us and we only see them on the red carpet. N----- is from the 'hood. I seen n----- get shot for talking about people's mamas. I'm coming from that. Any form of disrespect is questioning my livelihood. I'll strangle your ass." Method Man's latest release, "Say," features Lauryn Hill and is the first single off of 4:21. The new album is scheduled for a July 25 release and also includes guest appearances from Fat Joe, Styles P and production by Dr. Dre. Latest news...

"Say" featuring Lauryn Hill
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