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Bumped 'Big Bang' worth it to Busta Rhymes
If Busta Rhymes didn't realize how meticulous Dr. Dre is before signing with Aftermath, he knows now. The world hasn't heard from Busta since 2002's It Ain't Safe No More, and he says he's finished 170 tracks since then while working toward his Aftermath debut, The Big Bang. "Dre takes his time," Busta told Entertainment Weekly in the latest issue. "He'll say f--- a deadline 10 million times, which is part of the reason his sh-- is so incredible. There's never a compromised moment. Patience became my weapon. You can't rush the sensei." The Big Bang, featuring Q-Tip, Nas, Stevie Wonder and others, is scheduled for a June 13 release -- unless Dre decides he needs more time to build Busta's new universe. Latest news...

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