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The end of Outkast?
That's the headline from the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Inside separate interviews with the multiplatinum duo, the growing divide between Big Boi and Andre 3000 becomes more evident, but the end of Outkast clearly has not arrived -- yet. EW points a finger at Stankonia as the turning point, but the future was likely foreshadowed the moment Dre ditched the throwback jerseys of Southernplayalisticadillacmusik for a turban on the cover of ATLiens. Since then, it has been evident that Dre has walked his own path while Big Boi stayed true to his roots. But Big Boi, touring alone these days, left no question as to how he feels about Dre's lack of passion for the road. "At first it was kinda weird because I'm used to turning around and he's right there," Big Boi told EW. "I hope I don't ever get like that -- where I don't wanna do it." Dre countered with a thinly veiled shot at Big Boi's family life and its effect on an artist's creativity. "The only time it doesn't falter is if you're putting everything into your work and not paying attention to your wife," Dre said. Dre and Big Boi wrapped up their movie, "Idlewild," in October 2004 and had no problems working together, but they reportedly have only three scenes together. Neither Dre nor Big Boi are ready to say definitively that Outkast will be no more after the film and the accompanying soundtrack. "The business has put a strain on our relationship," Dre said. "We're like brothers, though. We can argue, but we're still gonna be together." Outkast still owes their label one album, but Big Boi won't commit to it, nor will he dismiss the idea of a contract extension. Dre, meanwhile, summed it up best: "Certain things don't last forever, and you have to start preparing for that." Latest news...

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