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L.L. Cool J gets 'stupid'
In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (the one with "American Idol" on the cover), L.L. Cool J decides to be a sport and participate in the magazine's regular back-page feature, "Stupid Questions." Among the query topics are "The Golden Girls," sharing Kangols with Samuel L. Jackson and what his look will be like in 2019. "I'll probably come with the red Afro at that point," L.L. tells EW. "The year after that, it'll be the potbelly with a tattoo of a microphone in a hammock." In a double dose of animal questions, L.L. talked about acting with a parrot in "Deep Blue Sea" that "continuously went to the bathroom on my uniform and tried to peck at my earrings," and revealed that Walking with a Panther -- the cover shoot, not the album itself --"was the most ridiculous thing we ever thought of in our lives. We tried to put the smoke in to make it extra fancy, and the animal... jumped off the wall, off the ceiling and back down trying to escape. Crazy." L.L. also has no problem being just as corny as his questioner, saying that in a battle with L.L. Bean, "the beans would get baked." Which reminds us of a not-so-stupid question The 411 Online asked in 2002 about what it would be like if he ran into former sparring partner Kool Moe Dee on the street. "Honestly, I don't even have a comment for that," he said. But at least he can tell EW that the "Cool" in his name stands for "Causing Other Organizations to Lose." Good to see he's relaxing more as the years pass. Latest news...

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