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Twista, Proof kick off Snoop's gaming league
The formation of the Hip-hop Gaming League was announced recently, and Snoop Dogg will serve as its first commissioner. "I'm an initiator, and this new intersection of hip-hop and video gaming is something that's ready to happen," said Snoop. "Hip-hop loves video gaming, and I've been watching this develop into the next big sport. The HHGL is my way of taking it to the next level. We're going to take this thing straight over the stratosphere, and the whole world can watch and participate as people like myself -- who hate to lose -- put it on the line." And he's bringing some of his friends. Cypress Hill's B-Real, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's Krayzie Bone, Ying Yang Twins' Kaine, Tyrese, Paul Wall and Fred Wreck are among the names on the Legends lineup card, while the Bosses team consists of Method Man, Twista, D-12's Proof, Knicks guard Jalen Rose and Just Blaze. Players were selected based on their reputations for top video game skills, as well as for their prominence in the hip-hop community. The Xbox 360 matchup will take place this week, with Proof's Detroit Lions taking on Twista's Chicago Bears. Hip-hop's speedster, on his way overseas to record the video for the third installment of "Mission: Impossible," was surprised his opponent decided to roll with his hometown team. "It's funny that I just did the theme song for the flick and then this comes up," Twista said. "Joey Harrington against the defense of the Monsters of the Midway? Forget Tom Cruise, that's a true mission... oh, forget it. You see where I'm going with this. I'll holla when I get back in the States." Latest news...

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