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X-Clan's Professor X dead
If there really is a party at the crossroads, as Professor X so often said, then the former X-Clan member has just joined it. Professor X, whose real name is Lumumba Carson, died of spinal meningitis Friday in a Brooklyn hospital. X, the son of civil rights leader Sonny Carson, famously said "Vainglorious! This is protected by the red, the black and the green -- with a key! Sissies!" or some variation of it on almost every X-Clan track. The group debuted in 1990 with a classic album, To the East, Blackwards, that echoed the consciousness of Public Enemy and KRS-One and was ahead of its time with its Parliament-Funkadelic samples. Numerous attempts to reunite have fallen through, but a Brother J-helmed project is due this year. X-Clan member Sugar Shaft died of AIDS in 1995. Latest news...

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