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Lil' Kim's TV show debuts
The first episode of Lil' Kim's "Countdown to Lockdown" began on Thursday with a declaration of innocence. "My name is Kimberly 'Lil' Kim' Jones -- and I am innocent. Throughout my life and my whole entire career, I've been a survivor. Anybody who knows Lil' Kim knows that I have handled some obstacles." The BET series, which has five episodes remaining, chronicles the life of Kim as she prepares to go to jail for perjury. But the drama didn't end when the show did. The New York Daily News reported that Lil' Kim is having problems with her breast implants. "Apparently, she's worried her boobs are leaking," a source told the newspaper. "She needs to have them serviced." A rep for Kim said she was "perfectly healthy," and the prison would not comment. "She's very small and she has very large implants," cosmetic surgeon Dr. Steve Fallek told the paper. He said the best solution for Kim, who already had to get rid of the hair extensions, acrylic nails and make-up for life behind bars, "is to put a smaller implant in. If she's actually leaking, then, yes, the implant should come out." Kim wrote a letter to model Tyra Banks that was read on her talk show Wednesday. "No matter how good I am in here, this is no place for women to be -- or anyone for that matter. It has its trying times and stressful moments -- it's very unsanitary -- and can be very depressing, especially around the holidays." Lil' Kim was sentenced to one year and one day in the Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia after she was found guilty of lying to a federal grand jury about a shooting incident outside Hot 97 in New York. She started her sentence Sept. 19. Latest news...

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