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P.E. gives reins to Paris
Chuck D says he always wanted to let someone else write all of his rhymes for a Public Enemy album. Now, that experiment will come to life on Rebirth of a Nation. Veteran MC Paris -- no stranger to controversy -- gets the call as official P.E. ghostwriter for an album that will be billed as "Public Enemy featuring Paris." "I was gonna have somebody do it one time, and he happened to be the one," Chuck D told Rolling Stone. "I told Paris that he would have to come more than halfway to make this happen. There was a diligence he had that was very thorough." Paris also handles much of the production for the album, which arrives in stores March 7 on his Guerilla Funk label. Chuck D said letting someone else speak for him went surprisingly smooth. "There were things where I would say, 'I'm not really agreeing with that line,' and he would just redo it and come right back," he said. "He worked me through the inflections. It was a lot of meticulous work." Chuck also shed some light on Flavor Flav's role in the album-making process. "Flav's recordings are what they always have been since the '80s," Chuck said. "Flav has a day of recording, and then his vocals are dispersed around. So it's not like he's sitting in the studio, waiting for an ad-lib. He has the easiest job, really, of anybody." Professor Griff and MC Ren of N.W.A also make appearances. Public Enemy just released New Whirl Odor in November and has plans for another disc early next year called How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who've Sold Their Soul. Chuck said that he wanted to drop Rebirth in August, but today's music industry doesn't smile on quick releases like it used to. "New Whirl Odor had to come out first, and then here comes a curveball," Chuck said. "And next comes How You Sell Soul. So it's, like, fastball, curveball, fastball." Latest news...

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