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Kanye starstruck by Prince
Kanye West might have hip-hop's most prominent ego, but he can put it in check when surrounded by musical greats. At the Brit Awards last week, Kanye wanted to ask Prince for an autograph after watching him perform backstage. "I really want to ask for a signed picture, but he's so famous you don't dare ask," West told Radio 1 in Britain. "You gotta respect the legends." West came away with the Best International Male Award at the show, and recently shed some light on why falling short to U2 at the Grammys didn't bother him as much as he said it would before the show. "I would have been more disappointed if I didn't have a good performance and I had won Album of the Year," West said backstage to MTV. "The performance, that's what it's about, the entertainment and people having a good time... But that is my boy, Bono. He has taught me a lot about carrying the fame with grace. And the first thing I thought is, 'Let's go back to the studio, let's go.' It's good for me, I'm happy, because I have accomplished so much in the last two years. So now it's like, 'OK, we didn't get the Album of the Year. Let's go.' John Legend, Jon Brion, anyone named John, let's go." Latest news...

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