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Vegas rap ban gains steam
A sheriff's calls for a ban on hip-hop concerts in Las Vegas is getting support from some very influential people in the capital of gambling -- the casino owners. "Las Vegas needs those groups like it needs cancer," Steve Wynn, who developed some of the most popular casinos on the Strip and now owns the Wynn Las Vegas megaresort, told the Las Vegas Sun. "The sheriff is spot on. He's quite right. The real gangster rap guys carry an entourage with them that is absolutely worthless. They've got testosterone overload. They're completely confused about everything in life." After Sgt. Henry Prendes was gunned down by an aspiring local MC, Sheriff Bill Young criticized the genre, even calling out names of some popular artists. "50 Cent is the worst," he said. "His whole act is predicated on violence. He's a mentor for all the other gangster rappers in the making." The sheriff supplied a list of incidents since 2003, including a disturbance during a 2003 Jay-Z concert and two shootings after a 2004 Nelly concert. Of course, the most notable act of Vegas hip-hop violence is the shooting death of 2Pac in 1996. The Gaming Control Board, citing the sheriff's concerns, issued a notice to casinos warning that they would be "held accountable for any incidents of violence tied to gangster rap performances" and suggesting that their gambling licenses could be revoked if they don't comply. Former Las Vegas Mayor Jan Jones, now an executive for the world's largest casino company, Harrah's Entertainment, also supports the ban. "Why do we, as the No. 1 resort destination in the world, want to jeopardize our reputation for safety by bringing in gangster rap groups that encourage violence?" Jones told the Sun. "It's counter-intuitive. Las Vegas is about fun, entertainment and excitement. It's not about encouraging disruptive activities." Wynn told the Sun he'd already started his own ban. "I don't allow guys in my joint with bodyguards," he said. "If you're looking for a rapper, don't check out the Wynn. You'll be disappointed." Latest news...

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