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Fat Joe not down with Nas-Jay-Z
Fat Joe has joined the ranks of artists who aren't impressed by the Nas-Jay-Z union. "I almost died, as a hip-hop fan, when I heard they were together," Joe told WENN. "I used to look up to Nas a lot. And I don't even really respect what he did. How do you become a friend to a person who disrespects your baby's mother? It's too much ugliness." Nas addressed the critics, which also include 50 Cent and Cam'ron, during an interview with MTV that aired Thursday: "The movement is bigger than what someone says about Nas for the moment. I've always had someone say something about me. I'm one of the most crucified artists in the game, thank you. This is what challenges me, what makes me go on. When people have negative things to say, it's all good." Jay-Z also weighed in: "We're thinking bigger than what was said on the record. We're thinking bigger than what people perceive this as. We're thinking as responsible, grown men. I know that's not popular, especially in the state of hip-hop right now, but that's what it is. We've been chosen as leaders. We have to lead. We can't follow people's perception of what this union is. I didn't sign Nas, I partnered with Nas. You can't sign an artist of Nas' stature, you can only partner with him." There is no release date set for Nas' new album on Def Jam, but he already has begun work on it. "It's starting now," Nas said. "I'm really excited about it. I'm listening to Hot 97, [Power] 105. I'm listening to stations in Atlanta, I'm listening to XM Radio. I'm doing the research on the whole thing, and I'm real excited about this move. I knew whatever I did next would be a colossal movement. Now I have everything I need to push me to make the best album I ever made." Nas hopes Jay-Z will be inspired as well. "Personally, Jay, I feel like you gotta come back out," Nas said. "That's just me. Because if me and him don't [keep putting out music], you leave a lot of people out there that's like, 'What's going on?'" So far, Jay-Z is sticking to his retirement plans, at least publicly. And what about a Jay-Z-Nas album? "Well, first things first," Nas said. "Next question, I ain't ready for that one." Jay agreed: "Let us walk first." Latest news...

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