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Busta Rhymes ripped by cops
New York City's police commissioner accused Busta Rhymes of withholding information about the slaying of his bodyguard, Israel Ramirez. "He worked for him," Commissioner Raymond Kelly said at a press conference at New York Police Department headquarters. "I'd think he'd be knocking on the door. ... If your employee's murdered in front of you, you think you might want to talk to the police." Kelly said Busta and others at the video shoot who might have witnessed the shooting could be forced to face a grand jury for questioning. "I find it quite disturbing. This individual was shot in front of a lot of people." Busta's only public comment on the situation was in a written statement, saying the bodyguard "was not only security for me, but he was a friend, one of the rare friends that you come across that you can trust with your life." Latest news...

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