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L.L. makes name for himself
L.L. Cool J, famously a.k.a. James Todd Smith, is about to let fans get to know the latter half of his name in a hurry. Todd Smith is not only the title of his new album, but also the name of his new clothing line. His follow-up to 2004's The DEFinition drops March 21. "The challenge always becomes trying to do the best work you can, trying to make the best music you can, trying to do something that's really exciting -- and at the same time not repeating yourself," L.L. told Billboard. "So it becomes more and more of a challenge for me. I don't take it for granted. That's why I like to work with a lot of talented people." Jermaine Dupri, Pharrell, Timbaland, Scott Storch and Trackmasters have contributed beats to the album, while Mary J. Blige, Freeway, 112 and Ginuwine make guest appearances. The first single, "Control Myself," reunites L.L. with Jennifer Lopez. Cool J's fashion line, also dubbed Todd Smith, made its debut last week during Fashion Week in New York. "I would like a person to look rich, to look successful but not be overly ornate," L.L. told MSNBC. "I want to leave room for the everyday guy to upgrade." The looks are more classy than street by choice. "This is a long way from the rapper," he said. "L.L.'s a rapper. Todd Smith is a brand." Latest news...

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