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Jay-Z, Nas to speak on MTV
The first interview with Jay-Z and Nas since they ended their beef and joined forces at Def Jam will air Feb. 16 at 11 p.m. ET on MTV. On "All Eyes on Jay-Z and Nas," the duo explains to Sway Calloway why they decided to come together after a bitter battle that lasted several years. "It's bigger than both of us," Jay says in the interview. "It's more about the culture, about showing people another way, because [the battle] was something that stopped the world. Now everyone emulates the battle. So now we have to show them another way." MTV has been airing clips on Direct Effect, TRL and MTV Overdrive all week. Besides reflecting on the past, Jay-Z and Nas will talk about the future, including a possible collaboration on Nas' Def Jam debut. Latest news...

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