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Kanye: Jay-Z will return
Jay-Z is coming back, if what Kanye West told Playboy is true. "I'm producing Jay-Z's new album. I'm doing the whole thing," West is quoted as saying in an interview in the March issue of the magazine, which features Jessica Alba on the cover. Apparently, reporter Rob Tannenbaum has something riding on it -- $1,000. When Tannenbaum told Kanye that Jay-Z offered him that amount if he ever came out of retirement, West replied, "Well, he's about to pay." West also says "choruses and hooks" are the reasons his songs are so successful. "See, people think a chorus is the only hook, but 'Gold Digger' has so many hooks in it. Jamie's intro, that's a hook. The drum intro, that's a hook. 'I ain't sayin' she a gold digger,' that's a hook. The entire second verse is a hook: '18 years, 18 years.' That could be a chorus! 'We want prenup,' that's a hook. And the white-girl line? That's why I get the big bucks. That's bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, World Series. That's gold." Meanwhile, West has been picked to remix the "Mission: Impossible" theme song for the franchise's latest sequel. "M:I3" opens May 5 and stars Tom Cruise. Previous soundtracks from the movies have sold a combined 2 million copies. Latest news...

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