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Report: Jay-Z signs Nas to Def Jam
The New York Times, of all publications, has the hip-hop scoop of the day with reports that Jay-Z officially has signed former rival Nas to Def Jam. According to the report, Nas' current label, Sony Music, and Def Jam will split the profits -- or losses -- from his next two albums. Their long public dispute cam to an end Oct. 27 during Jigga's set at the Power 105.1 "Powerhouse 2005: Operation Takeover" show at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, N.J. It was expected that Jay-Z, partly due to his own hype, would tear down MCs like he did four years earlier at Hot 97's "Summer Jam." Instead, Jay called Nas to the stage and announced, "All that beef sh-- is done, we had our fun. ... Let's get this money," prompting speculation that a collaboration between the two was in the works. Latest news...

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