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'Detox' among most anticipated albums
Dr. Dre's long-awaited Detox album has been put on the clock once again. In Entertainment Weekly's 2006 preview issue dated Jan. 27, Detox is listed as one of the albums "we're psyched for" and lists its release date as "Fall." The text accompanying it sounds surprisingly similar to what The 411 Online said almost four years ago to the day. "Could Detox finally come out this year?" EW asks. "We'll believe it when we can buy it." Meanwhile, Eve gets some love for her upcoming album, also slated for a fall release. "This is the album where I want people to say: Eve's a woman -- she's grown up," Eve told EW. The bad news? The album's her debut on the first label she signed with -- none other than Dre's Aftermath Records. "Dre's always the last, and he likes to talk before he makes the beat, so I'm not worried." She should be. Don't be surprised if neither one of these albums sees the light of day in 2006. Let's just hope they don't go the route of Dre's Helter Skelter with Ice Cube, Not These N----- Again with N.W.A and Oh MY God with Rakim. At least we have Eminem's promise from "Encore": "Don't worry about that Detox album. It's coming. We're gonna make Dre do it."

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