Reprinted from the July 1995 issue of The 411
MYSTIKAL, Mystikal, Big Boy
After years of nothing but "bounce" music coming out of my city of birth, New Orleans, I was surprised to finally hear a legitimate hip-hop artist on my annual visit to the Crescent City this summer. My cousin and his crew wouldn't give anything else play, and there were a few good reasons why. On his debut album, Mystikal comes out harder than David Justice on his honeymoon, with a sample from Run DMC's "Tougher Than Leather." The first song, "Y'all Ain't Ready Yet," is a catchy braggadocious tune, followed up by one of the better cuts entitled "Murderer," in which Mystikal flows about cops, guns and n----- killin' other n-----. "Mr. Hood Critic," featuring Insain, disses b---- ass marks who got nothing better to do than spread phony sh--. "Not That N----" and "Smoke Something," however, are the jams that Mystikal really gets the chance to flex his two tongues on. I can't figure it out, but somehow he manages to sound like K-Dee and Busta Rhymes at the same time. Both mixes of the fast-paced "Not That N----" get me pumped, and "Smoke Something" makes me want to do exactly that. It's just too bad that the song has only one verse. The other two tracks on the album, "That N---- Ain't Sh--!" and "Mind of Mystikal," are decent, but rhetorical. All in all Mystikal has got a flow almost as tight as virgin skins, but his lyrics and production aren't what they could be. I like the album, though, and am anticipating big things from Mystikal in the future. Click here to find out how to buy this album.

-- Keep swervin'

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