MIC GERONIMO, Nov. 6, 1995

After his solo releases "Sh--'s Real", and "Masta I.C." shook the Big Apple, Mic Geronimo has followed up his local success in New York with an album set to go national, which is appropriately dubbed The Natural. Like Robert Redford, this kid is out to make hits, and could be the first rookie of the year that doesn't play for the Dodgers. Anyway, I saw the hype this kid was gettin' so naturally I wanted to see what he was all about. This is the scoop.

So what's goin' on man?

"Ain't nothin', chillin', just doin' this little press thing."

I was wondering if you could give our readers a little background info. Like where you're from and how you got put on.

"I'm from Flushing, Queens, New York, and as far as gettin' put on, one of my peoples had a little studio, and they seen me at a talent show, so I went to the lab, 'cause he said he had it for free and we just did a demo, and on the demo I did the song called "Sh--'s Real." So I put it to the labels, I sent it out, but they wasn't really bitin' at the bait. So then we got fed, we just pressed it up, distributed it on our own, and from there the labels started callin' me after a little buzz started, and after that I signed with Blunt."

What was it like, gettin' that initial buzz?

"It was ill, it was a good feelin', 'cause it was like, well maybe labels don't know as much as they think, 'cause people was like, 'Yo this sh-- is phat,' but the labels wasn't movin' on it, and then when they seen people respondin', that's when they wanted to move. It was kind of like the truest form of a test."

Comin' out of Queens you're drawing a lot of comparisons to Nas, AZ and Mobb Deep, how do you feel about that?

"I can't knock it, you know, it's all good as long as we all elevatin', it's all good. It's better for people to be talkin' about us, whether they be comparin' us or whatever than not to be sayin' nothin' at all. So l can't really be aggravated about it."

Your album was originally entitled Take It Like It Is, but it was changed to The Natural, which happens to be the first cut on your album. Why did you change it?

"The Natural was just more fittin', you know? The Natural is along the same lines as Take It Like It Is, it just sums it up quicker. It's like more in a nutshell type of thing."

You worked with like five different producers on your album. Why is that, and who was your favorite to work with?

"I did it 'cause I didn't want the same style on every cut, musically. But as far as my favorite, I ain't really have no favorite, I liked everything I did."

Was it cool working with the Lost Boyz?

"Yeah, yeah, it was chill. We been peoples for a while so, it was fun."

What about Royal Flush? He's on your album a lot.

"Yeah, he's gettin' ready to do his thing, like right after the album drop. That's my man so we puttin' him on full strength. He right here."

Yeah, his sh-- is pretty ill. Is there anyone else you'd like to work with?

"Well I have people I would like to work with, but it's all being mapped out now, so we're just goin' on how it all falls into place."

Have you done anything recently?

"We did somethin' with Channel Live for Flush's album, Problems of a Smoker."

When is his album gonna be out?

"His album is not scheduled yet, but his single is tentatively set to come out about a week or two after The Natural drops."

Okay we'll be lookin' for that. Have you toured yet?

"Yeah we was on tour for a minute during the summer, but we gettin' ready to go back out, like in a month or so, for a college tour."

Where have you been?

"We did all along the southeast, and Cali."

Did they show love?

"Yeah, yeah, when I went to Cali, it was good."

What was your favorite city to visit?

"I would say Miami, Florida."

Did you go to Magic City?

"Nah, I didn't make it there, I tried to get there but ... I had fun though. Word up."

What's a day like in the life of Mic G?

"It ain't really nothin' too dramatic. It's just the course of a day, the ups and downs. Sometimes good and sometimes bad, but that's the same with everybody."

So what do you do with your crew at night when y'all are goin' out and sh--?

"Go see where somethin's goin' on at definitely. Try and check a club or somethin'. If not, then go play some pool, or go to the bowling alley, or just chill."

Do y'all play Sega?

"Yeah no doubt, I'm pretty good, Super Nintendo, all that sh--."

Who are your influences?

"I listen to Rakim, G Rap, the Juice Crew, Slick Rick, but my influences were mainly people I knew, people I was around, or situations influenced me."

You started rappin' when you were young, huh?

"I started rhymin' when I was about fifteen, I'm twenty-two now."

So I hear you smoke hella blunts. What do you drink? Cause I like Long Island Iced Tea.

"Word, I like harder sh-- than that. Citron, Alize maybe, some BC, Moet."

That's cool, are you gonna be headed to the midwest anytime soon?

"I don't know as of yet, when we'll be out there, but we definitely will be out there."

That's all I got, anything you wanna say?

"One love."

-- Cvere, The 411

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