E-40, Aug. 18, 1999

E-40 was one of the many artists The 411 Online caught up with at The 1999 Source Hip-Hop Music Awards in Los Angeles.

So what's up with the movie?

"The name of the movie is 'Charlie Hustle: The Blueprint of a Self-Made Millionaire.' Charlie Hustle is my alter-ego. It's a movie and a soundtrack. The movie is about my lifetime. What it is is really just like a climb up the ladder -- from broke to ballin'. Ya smell me? I was like one of the first independent 'entreprenaires.' Not entrepreneurs, but entreprenaires. That means entrepreneur and millionaire that mastered the selling-tapes-out-the-trunk-of-their-car method."

When's the movie come out?

"The movie comes out October 12."

What was most important in your "climb up the ladder"?

"Luckily, I had a lot of good people on my team. As far as my wife, I've been with her since 1984, it's 1999 now. As far as my brother D-Shot, my sister Suga T, my cousin B-Legit, you know, The Click, we came up in the game and put our first album out in 1987. It was on from there."

Do you feel it's long overdue for the West Coast to host an event like this?

"You know it's all lovely. Everyone's here modulatin'. From what I've seen, there ain't no problems. We're just all together. That's the whole thing. You know, we want to show them that we can do this, too. Hip-hop is gonna be here forever."

-- Paradise and Mason Storm, The 411 Online

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