DR. DRE, August 1995

Dr. Dre, one of the few award winners who actually visited the press room at the 1995 Source Awards, announced several upcoming plans for Death Row Records for the rest of 1995 and into 1996.

"Right now, we've got the Dogg Pound album, Dogg Food, comin' out," said Dre. "Of course, we're workin' on a new Snoop Dogg album called The Doggfather, and The Lady of Rage, her new album, Eargasms. We're also lookin' into some new film projects."

Dre went on to say that he is also working on projects with K-Solo, Miche'le, and Rakim, as well as several new faces. He also said that the controversy surrounding Time-Wamer would not affect the release of any of the albums. However, for fans who are still feenin' for the Dre and Ice Cube reunion album, Helter Skelter, after gettin' a taste of the flavor on "Natural Born Killaz", it looks like the wait will be a long one, at least until Dre and Cube can coordinate their schedules.

"We had to put that on hold. Cube went to South Africa to film a movie for three months. We did a couple of tracks, and the sh-- is the bomb. It's real different. It's gonna take a while because of our schedules. We can never seem to be in L.A. at the same time."

The rumor of a reunion of the remaining members of N.W.A in the wake of Eazy-E's death seems to be in doubt, though, because Dre said he hadn't talked to M.C. Ren in about three years.

Despite the public feud Dre and Eazy had, Dre said that they still kept in touch.

"I did my record about him; he did his record about me. It's all business; it's all entertainment. We had beef. It's not like we just got together and planned it. We did the records. We talked about it and laughed about it and that was that."

One artist who is currently "out of bounds" with Dre, though, is The D.O.C., who supposedly stole a couple of Dre's tracks and has titled his upcoming album Helter Skelter.

Despite his status as one of the industry's top producers and after a string of multi-platinum records, Dre still has his feet on the ground and is making plans for the future in the film industry.

"I know this sh-- isn't gonna last forever, so when I decide I want to stop, I want to be ready."

-- Mason Storm, The 411

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