DA BRAT, Aug. 18, 1999

Sporting a new look but the same hardcore attitude, Da Brat was one of the many artists The 411 Online caught up with at The 1999 Source Hip-Hop Music Awards in Los Angeles.

So how have you been keeping busy?

"I'm gettin' ready to do this movie with Spike Lee. I'm working on my new album -- it's almost completed. It'll be out December 7. I'm working on a sitcom possibly with Master P. I'm doing lots of things. You understand, I'm trying to do what I can get my hands on. I've got my own entertainment company. I have a couple of models, you know what I mean? I have a rapper, a producer. I have a couple of singing groups. So I'm trying to get my label together."

How did you get involved in the movie with Spike Lee?

"I had done a reading for Spike like not too long ago, and it kinda went from there."

What's the movie about?

"It's kinda about racial issues. It's like a strong, black power type of thing. It'll be an honor to be in it. We start shooting in a few months."

How has hip-hop changed since you first got in the game?

"There's like 10,000 more rappers now. It's broader... we've made incredible achievements that no one would probably ever believe that the hip-hop generation and the young teenagers could do, and we made it happen. So, I think it's just grown to different heights. It's like before there were only a few and now it's like everybody's able to get their paper."

Why do you feel you've been successful?

"I was brought up that way -- to not stop until you get what you have to get. I don't see why people don't make it. You have to search yourself and give it your all, and if it don't work, you can't give up. You have to get your face off the floor, put one foot in front of the other and keep on going. You've gotta get what you gotta get. I can't stand next to somebody that's got a lot of stuff and just be watchin' them. How the hell am I gonna get mine? I can't get it by watchin' them. I've got to go out there and get it however I've got to get it."

Why are the women blowin' up lately?

"Cause women are the sh--, baby. They should have been on that before, but now, we're letting 'em know. I mean, come on, everybody loves their woman. So it's time for us to come on out."

-- Paradise and Mason Storm, The 411 Online

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