COMMON SENSE, August 1995

So Common what's up? What did you think of the Source Awards last night?

"Well on the whole, I thought it was unorganized. The breaks were too long, muthaf--as was gettin' outta hand, and it was just booty. I enjoyed the shows by Death Row, them Bad Boy n-----, and Meth and the Wu-Tang, but the organization wasn't there so it was kind of booty."

Yeah, I hear you. It was kind of f--ed up for the press, too. What did you think of that whole East Coast-West Coast sh--?

"It's some stupid sh--. N----- everywhere are tryin' to come out with they own sh-- and there's a lot of jealousy and competition out there. We need to come together as a people so we can all make some money and concentrate on the greater evil, cause we don't own the East Coast or the West Coast. Ain't none of that land ours, so we gotta squash that sh-- and stop killin' ourselves cause there are other people out there tryin' to kill us."

True, but what about that Cube line on Mack 10's record that disses you?

"On my album, I didn't really dis nobody except for those who didn't have they sh-- together and those who weren't keepin' it real, so I don't know what's up with that. I'm not gonna dis no one behind they back or on paper or in print, but there might be something on my record. If I dis somebody, it's gonna be on the record."

What I want to know is, what's up with the new record?

"I've just got all my sh-- together, and I'm just startin' to get in the studio to work on it so it's gonna be a while."

That's cool. Do you got any other sh-- that you're working on?

"Yeah, I just did a track with De La Soul for their next record. I got a group called Vertical Hold comin' out and an artist, New Idea, that I'm startin' to work with on some sh-."

You're like the only hip-hop artist that came out of Chicago and blew up. What's wrong with the scene? I know there's gotta be some peoples with talent there.

"It's real underground there; it's not a real musical city. There aren't a lot of agents or labels so it's not easy to get sh-- hooked up."

Well how did you do it?

"I got all my sh-- together and made a tape. I sent it to Mattie C with The Source, and it was on the "Unsigned Hype" column and then Relativity called and wanted to sign me."

Common, that girl in your 'i used to love h.e.r.' video -- she used to go to Iowa didn't she? Cause I recognized her, but she must have transferred cause I don't see her anymore.

"Yeah, Celeste, she was in the video but she goes to LSU now."

Yeah okay, that broad was one of the baddest on the campus and she seemed cool. Anyway, what's up for this weekend?

"Well, I don't know, I'll probably hang in New York and kick it. What are y'all doin'?"

We're in Philly now, but we might kick it at the Tunnel in New York, or see the Luniz and Bushwick here.

"Alright, I gotta go, but good luck and I'll holla at y'all later."

Alright peace.

-- Cvere, The 411

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