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The Best of 2000
Best lyric
Cvere: "Six model chicks/ six bottles of Cris'/ four Belvederes / got weed everywhere" -- Jay-Z on "I Just Wanna Love You"
J Rough: "When things get rough, I'm in the club shootin' with Puff" -- Xzibit on "B---- Please II"
Menlo D: "Back your ass off me and give me my space/ You know you're f------ breath smells like sh-- you ate/ Not to mention your ass be way over weight/ need to stay off of Wendy's and lay off them shakes" -- Phife Dog on "Ben Dova"
Tamieka J. Mobley: Snoop's verse on Jay-Z's "Get Your Mind Right"
Butta Parkay: Memphis Bleek's verse on Jay-Z's "Get Your Mind Right"
Sam: "He killed Keith, I knew that playa since he was small/ Now he ghost, and this crab n----- to blame/ Gotta f--- with his name, Im'a put in his brain/ But slow down, he's pullin over, park right behind that Nova/ If duke wake up, put 36 in his Rover, cut the motor." -- Black Rob on "Lookin' At Us"
Mason Storm: "If I don't like it, I don't like it. It don't mean that I'm hatin'" -- Common on "The 6th Sense"
The W: (tie) "If revolution had a movie I'd be theme music/ My music, you either fight, f--- or dream to it" -- Common on "The 6th Sense" and "The first day of the rest of my life/X/stand behind the mic like Walter Kronkite" from Xzibit on "X"

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