Reprinted from the November 1995 issue of The 411
EIGHTBALL & MJG, On Top of the World, Suave House
With the release of their third album in just three years, Eightball & MJG have come up from straight underground to mainstream. On Top of the World is the fullest album they have released and the best. MJG really improved lyrically and can flow better than a lot of MCs that stack big bank. Eightball can hold his own also, known to most from the underground hit, "Mr. Big," which was on their first album, Comin' Out Hard. There are 14 tracks up on this album with a lot of diverse topics. A mellow cut, "Funk Mission," deals with playas that came up in the game together that lost their friendship because of drug habits. This funky track used a great sample for the break -- Ice Cube's "Don't get high off your own supply" quote from ol' skool "Dopeman," which makes the track hella-tight, and ends with a quote from Pookie (Chris Rock) in New Jack City. "Kick That Sh--" keeps your head bobbin' with a gang of scratchin' and a hook that you'll sing along with, guaranteed. "Friend or Foe" is a laid-back track that starts off with E-40 bustin' a rhyme, followed by Mac-Mall, Big Mike and Rodney Ellis singing a soul refrain, which is great to slam a fifth of rum to. "Top of the World" is the best quality cut on the album, although there are many good tracks. Pimped out with the synthesized hook, Eightball & MJG bust phat rhymes while backed up with pure funk. They take a trip down memory lane, speaking of their hard times and their road to the top. Other tight, tight tracks include "What Do You See," "All in My Mind," and "Space Age Pimpin'." This album is pipmed-out mob sh-- centered toward the underground crowd and will get much play on the streets. It has the capability to be the big one for Eightball & MJG to clock major scrilla. Click here to find out how to buy this album.

-- B.J. Maniac

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