50 CENT, November 8, 2005

Chances are you've seen 50 Cent's buff body, bullet wounds and tattoos. Get ready to see another side of the Queens-born rapper: his backside. The 30-year-old makes his big-screen debut in "Get Rich or Die Tryin'," based on his gangster-to-riches life. While there are plenty of gunshots and drug dealing in the Jim Sheridan-directed film, there's also something a bit unexpected: 50 naked.

Do you think fans need and want to hear more of your life story?

"There's been so many pieces to my life, you know, reported through different media outlets that people make assumptions on who I am without actually knowing. So this is an opportunity to give them something to really make reference to my experience. Knowing some of the things that I've been through in my past will explain some of the decisions I make in the future."

You show your vulnerable side in "Get Rich." How hard was it to film those scenes?

"Well, I've been spending a large portion of my life trying not to cry when things don't go right. When it came time for me to do that in the film ... I think my nervous energy helped me give it the right performance and I could actually do it."

There's a lot of nudity. Was that really you in the shower scene, or a body double?

"Jim kind of got us to do stuff we wouldn't do. We got on the set. Everybody was so comfortable working with him; we actually had on biker shorts to match our skin complexion. We were supposed to shoot that scene from the waist up. He said, `That ain't gonna work.' I went back. He said, `50 take it off.' I took it off. Everybody did. Terrence (Howard) did. Everybody just did it."

Are you tired of all the Eminem "8 Mile" comparisons?

"If you're gonna make a comparison let it be something as successful as '8 Mile' was. Em, I think they made the comparisons because we are so closely associated with each other and we did go off and do films at a great point in our careers musically."

Have you been bitten by the acting bug?

"I like it. I'm not sure that I'll actually be out there acting again until I find something that's exciting to me. I just actually completed a deal with Sony Pictures to begin developing film projects so I'll be producing films shortly. I'll act in another film if I find a screenplay that's as exciting to me as my life story."

What was it like working with Jim Sheridan?

"He actually is more aware of what goes on in hip-hop than you would expect. It was cool. Jim helped me a lot on the film. We worked five days a week and the two days we were off I spent with Jim preparing for the next five days. He kind of was like my acting coach."

How much of the film is based on your life?

"Seventy-five percent factual."

You had a love scene with Joy Bryant. Was it uncomfortable?

"After doing the shower scene I was comfortable doing it. I came and I didn't know, I came in my robe and I didn't have nothing on. She's was like, 'No no, you've gotta, you know.' So I came back with a sock on and we did it. We did the scene. It was different because it was still like 30 people on the set. They had the monitors, the crew working with the lights. They all right there. It's not like anything I've ever experienced before in that type of position."

-- The Associated Press

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